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Baby Herbal Bath

Helps baby to prevent & eradicate jaundice.
Precious Newborn Cleanser
Precious Newborn Cream


A mild and gentle cleanser formulated with amino acid and sugar to gently remove dirt without harming baby’s delicate skin.
Calendula flower extract and Aloe Vera are used in high doses to soothe, hydrate and prevent moisture loss.


Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil and Shea Butter are combined to create a wonderful emollient base. Inca Inchi protects and boosts baby’s delicate skin.
Olive Leaf Extract is used as a potent anti-oxidant and hydrates the skin. Spent Grain Wax soothes irritated skin.
Happy Baby Cleanser
Happy Baby Cream


Mild Amino Acid based cleanser is powerful enough to clean the muckiest of babies without stripping the natural oils from its skin.
Ideal for frequent use on active babies.
Calendula flower extract soothes, hydrates and prevents moisture loss.


When babies start to explore the world around them, they need protection from the environment.
Inca Inchi and Olive Leaf Extract protect baby’s skin and give it a boost to keep it healthy.
Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil and Shea Butter are combined to moisturise baby’s skin.

Baby Bum Balm
Pukka Pucker Lip Balm


Organic Beeswax and Zinc Oxide create a protective barrier between the skin and the content of the diaper.
Inca Inchi keeps the skin healthy and boosts the skin’s protective barrier to heal diaper rash.
Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil and Shea Butter are combined to moisturise the baby’s diaper area.
Spent Grain Wax soothes irritated diaper rash while Tea Tree Oil offers anti-bacterial protection.


Keeps baby’s lips kissable with Lavandula Stoechas which prevents the peeling of the outer skin cells.
Tamanol Oil aids the healing of cracked dry lips.
Inca Inchi helps to build the protective lipid barrier.
Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil and Shea Butter are combined to moisturise baby’s delicate lips.
First Aid Lotion
Baby Massage Oil


Try as we may, we will not prevent all mishaps.
Masterwort leaf extract and Tamanu seed oil promote rapid healing.
Tea Tree Oil serves as a potent anti-bacterial active.
Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates delicate skin.
Olive Leaf Extract hydrates the skin and is a fantastic anti-oxidant.


Buds Organic Baby Massage Oil is fragrance-free to aid bonding with baby.
Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil are used to moisturise baby’s skin.
Inca Inchi with its high content of essential fatty acids keeps baby’s skin healthy.
Infant Head to Toe Cleanser
Infant Cream


Ultra mild cleanser designed to gently cleanse delicate newborn skin without drying it out.


Ultra nourishing protection for newborns and babies with sensitive skin.

Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser
Everyday Baby Cream

性质温和,所以每天都可使用, 但是却具备超强清净功效,即使宝宝满身泥垢,也能够达致最彻底的清洁功效

Mild enough for everyday use, yet tough enough to clean the muckiest of babies.


Offers protection and deep hydration for active baby’s.

Nappy Time Change Cream
Nappy Time Rinse Free Cleanser


Hydrates and soothes the delicate nappy area while protecting it between changes.


Gentle cleansing for the dirtiest of nappies.

Everyday On the Spot Rinse Free Cleanser
Mozzie Clear Lotion


Gentle cleansing for any messy situation on the go


Effectively repels insects yet its mild formulation can be used on newborns and baby’s with sensitive skin.

Angle Lock
Double Safety Lock

The L-shaped lock is perfect for keeping prying fingers out of drawers, cabinets or appliances. Easy installed and instantly effective, this is a must have safety gadget for any home.

Help to prevent accidents by keeping children out of cabinets and drawers which contains hazardous items

Finger Pinch Guard
Shock Guard

A great quick fitting device to prevent doors slamming shut and trapping little fingers. The finger pinch guard can be mounted at a height out of reach of children and, being pressure fit, it can be easily removed.

A simple but essential safety product designed to prevent children poking fingers or objects into the plug sockets.

Corner Cushions
Multipurpose Lock

Ideal for cushioning the top and bottom of sharp corners on tables, desks, book shelves, etc.

Ideal for restricting access to appliances or cupboards. The flexible clear rubberised latch is almost invisible and will bend around the contours of fridges and microwaves.
Also suitable for use pm double cupboards.

Safe Liquid Cleanser 750ml

Bumble Bee Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser is the ideal Natural Cleanser and is essential for baby’s health. It is made with 100% natural & biodegradable ingredients.

Swaddle Blanket
Thermal Blanket

Wrap your baby comfortably for a good night sleep in Bumble Bee Swaddle Blanket. Made from 100% Cotton with self-fastener tabs to ensure good wrap.

This may help with breastfeeding as it keeps little arms and hands tucked away.
Swaddling can reduce the risks of SIDS and help babies sleep through the night.

Features :-
Made from 100% cotton
Comes with self-fastener tabs


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